We've been in the Screen Printing and Heat Press business for many years.

Heat Presses:

Heat Press Mania was founded on the determination to provide an industry of heat transfer professionals with the equipment and accessories needed to get professional results desired. While staying committed to quality construction and safety, we have expanded our focus to offer more efficient products at a price more affordable than our competition. Heat Press Mania is the one-stop solution to getting your heat transfer business up and running in no time! Whether you’re in it for pleasure or profits, the products we offer are capable of satisfying all users.

As our brand continues to grow and strengthen its reputation, it remains our priority to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers. We understand the importance of establishing trust. We make it our responsibility to educate our customers however we can so that our users can produce with confidence. To keep up with competition and the demand in today’s markets, we take special notice to industry trends in order to remain a valuable player.

We appreciate you choosing Heat Press Mania as your provider of heat press solutions. Your support is not forgotten. We commit our loyalty to serving your needs in any way possible. Thank you in advance! Heat Press Mania Inc.


Heat Presses

Gecko 15" x 15"

Gecko 16" x 20"

Gecko 16" x 24"